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How can your child make the grade? The school year is half over and many parents dread the daily struggle, “Do I hafta do my homework?”

Assignments that require memorizing can be particularly boring and hard to keep going.

Greg:I just can’t keep the states straight. We’re supposed to know them by next  Friday!

Dad:What are they going to ask you about them?

Greg:We have to point them out on a blank map with no words or anything.

Dad: Do you have a map?

Greg:I have the one in this book and I’ve been studying it a lot, but I don’t remember much.

Dad: How do you do the “studying” part?

Greg: Well, I look at the states and try to remember which ones go where.

Dad: Greg,I think you need to go through a few drills in a situation like the one you’re going to have next Friday. How about tracing that map so we can have one that’s blank like the one you’ll see on Friday? Then we’ll make a few copies when we go shopping.



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