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We all hope this problem turns out to be simple and not too serious—maybe a tough homework assignment or a fellow student with bad social skills. We hope it is not the forever life-changing announcement. But you might have a moment of fear since May is Teen Pregnancy Month.

A conversation too short, too fast or with too many family members chiming in is not likely to help. Pick a good time when you can go slow with time to listen in a one-on–one situation.

Make sure your teen gets the facts straight. One teenaged girl told me, “I want to be safe. If I have sex, I always take one of Mom’s pills the next day.” Your daughter has a 1 in 20 chance of becoming pregnant, and both sons and daughters are at three times that risk for sexually transmitted diseases. This is not just a “girl problem.”

Fathers who cause teen pregnancies are usually long out of high school, so caution your teenager daughter about these not-quite-adults and supervise your 18-and-something son on this temptation.

Alcohol is the most common excuse young women give for making the big mistake.

What attitudes should a parent model on this subject?

Take your time on this subject, it may be the most important part of your influence on your son’s or daughter’s future. The New York Times reported last week that the introduction of the pill in the 50’s did not reduce dangerous sexual habits as was first predicted. National rates of teen pregnancies, births, and abortions did not peak in the 50’s but continued upward until the 90’s. Even now West Virginia averages 60 teenage girls per week who have babies.

The pregnancy rate is actually higher than that because many pregnancies end before they are reported and aborted pregnancies (about one third) are not included.


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